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Are you a wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer, or service company? AMERICAN FINANCIAL SERVICES' unique factoring program structured for growth and strengthened by experience, is designed to provide your business with immediate cash for your receivables with the lowest possible rate to meet your business needs. With cash on hand, your business is able to take early payment discounts and offer terms to your customers.

Our company provides you with your personal credit management and monitoring department, enabling your business to expand your customer volume by establishing larger credit lines. We manage all your accounts receivable and collection services for your "peace of mind." AMERICAN FINANCIAL SERVICES provides your business all these services with excellence and courtesy. All this offered to you with competitive factoring fees and a low minimum yearly fee customized to your business needs.

AMERICAN FINANCIAL SERVICES is the solution to your business needs. With excellent management services and expert support from our company, we help your business get back to what it does best…


Your own credit department
Low competitive rates / Low minimum yearly fees
Prescreening customers BEFORE shipments or service
Set and monitor customer limits
In house D&B service
In house credit history, storing credit extended, amount owning, prompt payments
Improved collections
24-Hour credit response
Statements mailed monthly
Reports available
  Monthly A/R
  Monthly and yearly accumulative sales report
More time for sales
Reduce bad debt
Offer terms
With cash on hand / Take early payment discounts
Peace of mind…
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