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Banks/Lending Institutions


AMERICAN FINANCIAL SERVICES has designed a credit insured accounts receivable lending program, enabling banks or lending institutions to develop lasting, positive and profitable relationships with businesses in the accounts receivable financing of today. This well designed program allows banks or lending institutions to safely and profitably finance credit worthy, yet cash flow limited clients through a controlled credit insured accounts receivable lending program.

Our carefully designed program offers close credit managing and monitoring, as well as collections for businesses. This uniquely structured program enables banks or lending institutions to lend on credit worthy, credit insured customers for their clients. Within the structure of this program, all possible avenues have been taken to protect the client, and for banking or lending institutions before shipment or services have occurred. Daily and monthly reports are also available to make clear decisions for lending to businesses, as well as, invoice verification provided for banking or lending institution regulations. AMERICAN FINANCIAL SERVICES unmatched credit insured accounts receivable lending program handles all the paperwork for you, so you can feel at ease, and safely lend to businesses today.


Attract new clients for banks and lending institutions
Enables banks or lending institutions to purchase receivables-credit insured
Safe and profitable
Reports available
  Approved client/customer assignment report
  Monthly A/R
Less paperwork
Invoice verification
Helps clients improve cash flow-enabling growth
Prescreening customers BEFORE shipments or service
Set and monitor customer limits
Statements mailed monthly
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